Show Me The Money (That I’ll Make in the NBA)

Colleges constantly lure high school athletes to their school by touting academic prowess, school tradition, or perhaps by hiring away another team’s key recruiter. Here’s another way to measure a college’s athletic program success: The Wall Street Journal compiled a list of the top NCAA universities since 1985 whose alumni generated the most collective income in the NBA. They call it the Alumni Loot Index (ALI).

With scores of players across the league over the years, you probably could have guessed that North Carolina & Duke came in at Numbers 1 & 2. Interestingly, only 3 teams from the Pac-12 made the top 25 list: Arizona (#3), UCLA (#10) and Cal (#13). Pretty cool to see Cal fare better than basketball factories Syracuse, Cincinnati and Memphis, as well as many others.

I wonder what the ranking would be if you simply had a category called “No College”. With notable players such as Lebron James, Kevin Garnett, Shawn Kemp and Dirk Nowitski, I have a feeling it would be near the top.

Here’s the WSJ Piece if you’d like to see the whole thing (may require a subscription).